Eletricity bills hence forth will be SMART & SHORT

Attintgal; Eletricity bill from KSEB is changing itsform.New smart bills distribution has started in Trivandrum urban circle. Instead of earlier 1 page bill , Customers will henceforth receive smart bills of around 5.5 Cm width & 17cm length.

Kerala electricity board has decided to bid good bye to the old system of manual bills were meter readers used calculator to assess the consumer’s amount & instead launched spot billing machines to issue instant bills which are more accurate & easy in nature. Once the meter reading is entered in these machines, amount will be calculated automatically & bills are printed.It will also avoid the mistakes while calculating the amount using a calculator earlier. The machine will also give information on excess usage of Electricity.The bills are barcoded & hence once the barcode is decoded using barcode readers, it will directly get displayed on the consumers page & hence time can be saved while standing in queue for bill payment.

This spot billing is a part of the central govt ‘s RAPDRP project.The pilot project is currently being implemented in Attingal & Avinachery sections of KSEB were computerization is almost over.Later will be scaled up throughtout the state.

Manoramma-12 August 2015

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