Career training is another part of company's policy, where training programs are conducted to those selected and provide the skills which are very much necessary to acquire professional outcome.


VISIONTEK continuously strives to enhance the learning curve of it's employees by significant competency enhancement opportunities either through "role" enhancement or through "formal" training mechanisms both internally and externally.

Strong prominence on learning and professional development is focused both at individual and organizational levels through processes such as training need analysis and succession planning. We help strengthen the capabilities of the employees by nominating them to various training programs.

VISIONTEK'S training objective is to develop & enhance skills of 80% of personnel for at least 2 days in a year for Refresher and Continuous Improvement and for the managerial staff great focus is laid on Management Development Programs to enhance abilities to manage people, finances and other resources effectively.


Freshers are given opportunities to prove themselves as professionals by giving value added projects and on successful completion of the project. Successful project trainees are absorbed on the company rolls.

We do focus on imparting Industrial Training to Graduate / Post Graduate Engineering students by allotting projects as part of curriculum. B.Tech / ITI / Diploma freshers are engaged in manufacturing process as per the law.

VISIONTEK has an in-house technical library meant to their employees to get more knowledge in specified tasks.


Every new employee of Visiontek undergoes six days of mandatory induction program that comprises on-the-job, classroom training giving an overview of VISIONTEK'S R&D, Production, Commercial and Marketing aspects & great emphasize is focused on providing company's culture, values, vision, which helps the new employees to get acclimatized to the culture, realities of the telecom industry & Visiontek as a company.

Employee Engagement

VISIONTEK'S employee engagement activity is called "Visionoutsav " where employees are taken out for picnics, corporate celebrations and interactive games are played.

Any employee who completes 10 years of service with the organization is awarded with memento & gift for the family.

Internal Magazine

To foster the internal organization communication & strengthen the bond among all employees, every quarterly internal magazine "Wavelength" in electronic format is circulated and also simultaneously posted on company's intranet portal.

HR Buddy

One of the HR staff takes the responsibility to helps the new employees to acclimatize to the organization culture & helps to get introduced to his colleagues, workplace and also helping the new employee to clarify any questions they may have on the company, location of facilities, policies et.