We design, develop products & solutions for E-Governance, Banking, Finance, Energy, Telecom, Utilities, Logistics and Retail sectors.

Team Visiontek

Krishna Prasad, Managing Director

A. Krishna Prasad

Managing Director

Mr. Krishna Prasad, a Technocrat, promoted Linkwell Telesystems to manufacture Telecom products with indigenous technologies. The first product was the low powered PCO Call monitor with station name display under the brand name VISIONTEK.

Since its inception he chose the path of innovation to develop new products. He built a team of people and motivated them to achieve new mile stones for the organization. Under his supervision, over the years, company has developed various wire and wireless technology products to become a market leader in various segments. He manages the overall growth and is the driving force in the success of the organization.

Radha Rani, Executive Director

S. Radha Rani

Executive Director

Mrs. Radha Rani drives the overall strategy for the organization with emphasis on Human Resources Management. She is the major source of inspiration in the organization with her knack of business acumen and management skills.

She has done her M.Sc. and B.Ed with a specialisation in Psychology & Audio Visuals. Mrs.Radha Rani, switched to the Linkwell after an initial stint with ICFAI more than a decade back. She believes that company is as good as it's people. She was instrumental in establishing effective HR systems and building the effective what it is today.

Koteswar Rao, Director, MIS

S. Koteswar Rao

Director - MIS

Mr. Koteswar Rao has been a driving force behind all the Knowledge Management initiatives of the company. He has put in place a robust and scalable IT infrastructure at the Head Office and the Manufacturing locations.

Prior to his association with Linkwell, he worked as Chief Librarian in Nagarjuna University, Guntur.

Vishwanath Ekbote, Director, Business Development

Vishwanath Ekbote

Director - Business Development

The business development team is headed by Mr. Ekbote, a highly experienced professional in the filed of business development. He drives the Exports and overall business development initiatives. He has been instrumental in LINKWELL's foray into the Operator segment and International markets.

Mr. Ekbote is an Engineer and also holds a masters degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining LINKWELL, Mr. Ekbote worked with HCL Corporation for over 14 years in various roles focusing on the Telecom space. He has also worked in Escorts and Microboards. Mr. Ekbote brings with him over 23 years of experience in the Telecom space and business development, relationship management roles. He has been with LINKWELL for the past 8 years.

DS Rao, Director, Manufacturing

D.S. Rao

Director - Manufacturing

Mr. Rao, a veteran in the field of Telecommunication equipment manufacturing, heads the Company's manufacturing operations. With over 23 years of experience behind him, Mr. Rao has been instrumental in establishing an efficient and unique production system for the company.

Mr. Rao is an engineer by background and brings with him a rich experience from WIPRO, AP Electronics Development Corporation Ltd and AP Technology Services Ltd. He has been with the company since its inception.

Suthram Suresh, Director, Data Products

Suthram Suresh

Director - Data Products

Mr. Suresh, a retired Commander from the Indian Navy, heads the Data products division. Cdr. Suresh is an Engineer and also holds a postgraduate diploma in Computer Applications.

Prior to joining LINKWELL, Mr. Suresh worked with several organizations in various capacities and has a total experience of 29 years. He has been with LINKWELL for the past 6 years.

Ramesh, GM, Sales

C. Ramesh

Sales & Marketing

Mr. Ramesh, an engineer, heads the marketing efforts for the PCO/Pay Phones division. With over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing Telecom products, Mr. Ramesh drives the Company's sales through more than 400 dealers across the country and various Telecom Operators.

His experience includes marketing responsibilities in APLAB and PACTEL. He has been with LINKWELL for the past 12 years.

Preetam Raju, GM, Mechanical

P. Preetam Raju

GM - Mechanical

Mr. Preetam heads the mechanical Design and Development division. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of Prototype modeling and mechanical designing. He contributes significantly to the Company's product development initiatives by designing innovative product models.

Mr. Preetam has a Masters Degree in Engineering and his experience spans product design initiatives in MACE (India) Ltd, a Government organization for about 7 years and 1 year as an independent consultant. He has been with LINKWELL for the past 14 years.

Anantha Rama, GM, Finance

S.Anantha Rama

GM - Finance

The Company's Finance and Accounts functions are maintained by Shri S.Anantha Rama, a Chartered Accountant with 35 years of experience in similar field in the Electronic, Bulk drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Mining & Manufacturing sectors.

He has been associated with this company since 1999.

TVNR Nath, DGM, Finance

T.V.N.R Nath

DGM - Finance

Mr. Nath currently handles Corporate Finance, Strategic Finance and Supply Chain Management functions. Mr. Nath has been with the company since its inception and has earlier handled the operations side of Finance and Accounts of the company. He has to his credit, over 24 years of experience in the field of finance.

The Team

Leadership teams at VISIONTEK have been thought leaders in their respective work areas. Customer focus, business acumen, marketing and strategic thinking, operational excellence, technical expertise and human capital empowerement are some of the important attributes that the leadership teams at VISIONTEK focus on. Management, and people in general, at VISIONTEK are drawn from some of the best companies in the world, with their rich academic background.

Our Vision

VISIONTEK offers an innovative project and product based solutions with an objective to consistently deliver innovative, high quality and cost effective telecom & software products and services to its clients by applying best practice project and program management techniques, methodologies and skills.